Tree services

Our friendly tree surgeons will give advice on all aspects of tree work including tree preservation orders.

 We specialise in tree surgery including sectional felling , crown reduction, pollarding. 

Our work ranges from shrub reduction and tree pruning to the removal of dangerous, overhanging trees in difficult locations.  

Our clients include private householders, housing associations, large private estates, local authorities and the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust  and The key for identification of trees and shrubs  provides a useful resource for tree identification and further information.

We operate in accordance with  guidance and legislation regards wildlife such as bats and nesting birds.It is In England and Wales, anyone found guilty of an offence is liable to a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment or a level 5 (£5,000) fine, which can be imposed in respect of each bird, nest or egg affected.  

Click here for further information  Click here for  guide to approximate nesting times

  We offer full site clearance including removal of waste timber, chipping of arisings and stump removal according to customer specifications.

  Tree surgery is carried out by our skilled and qualified operators. 

All work is to a high aboricultural standard with the care of your trees our priority. 

Work is carried out to recognised aboricultural practice and to National BS3998 standard.

 We operate in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation and our operators are fully insured.

 5M Public Liability insurance and 10M Employer Liability Insurance

We offer comprehensive advice, quotes given with no obligation.

Prior to undertaking any work, it is essential to ascertain if a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is in place or if the tree is in a Conservation Area. If either is the case, you will need to seek permission from your local council before beginning work. Potentially dangerous limbs can, in theory, be removed without permission but the penalties for breaching the legislations, inadvertently or not, can be severe.

Contact us to discuss your tree care needs.